Guys aren’t calm


There I was,peacefully trying to fix my bike on the side of the road,then these 2 guys in an SUV,Say”What’s up hottie??!!’Like bitch,what if I’m like”this gun will be the hottie after I shoot you!!”I could’ve had a motherfucking gun in my pocket and shot you right in your motherfucking nutsack,Don’t you hate guys like that?or guys like”Hey Babe,Let me wipe your seat off for you”then wipes his face like “Bitch what if I’m a guy secretly”

Motherfucking guys…

White kids-Teenagers

"Yo homie,You fresh?"I heard this at my sons elenmentry school,he’s 6 years old…I was picking up my 16 year old son from school I watched as he told his friend"Whaddup my nigga?!"like bitch you are not black!we come from America White,Like,I hate how kids act like they’re black,like,are you fucking color blind?are you blind?is someone telling you something you are that you’re not?because the answers to those 3 questions should be NO,NO,and NO.all of my kids are spanked for acting Black